Tokenizing User Participation

Agoora’s Participation Token ICO is imminent. Stay informed.


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Participation is the most entrusted and committed endorsement. It’s what every brand seeks to cultivate. We are tokenizing participation. The Agoora token irrefutably validates engagement and presence in space and time, attributing it value for the first time. This transforms events, by changing what’s possible. Sponsors, performers and participants can interact to amplify and alter outcomes, while directly rewarding proven participation. Our marketplace is a new social fabric, where participation becomes an exchangeable asset across a diverse app ecosystem that seamlessly integrates into our digital lifestyle.

We aim to become the definitive crypto-participation platform, by combining and monetizing engagement using crypto technology. Our decentralized, Ethereum-based platform enables any app to reward participants using a simple developer interface. Tokens can be exchanged between apps, or redeemed in goodies, cryptocurrencies or fiat using trusted exchanges. Our pay-for-participation model will connect millions directly to entertainment, gaming and sporting markets, while eliminating multi-tiered third-parties and central data authorities.